“With today’s complex vehicles, it is essential to perform pre- and post-repair diagnostic scans on each and every vehicle that enters a shop,” says Janet Tang, marketing manager at Launch Tech USA.

Performing pre- and post-repair diagnostic scans is no longer a recommendation or best practice—it’s essential. Most OEMs now require pre- and post-repair scanning on all vehicles and have released position statements on them. If the vehicle is not repaired to the OEM specifications, shops can be held liable.

“Shop owners need to make sure that their staff is performing this process on every single vehicle,” Tang says. “If not, these shops will risk comebacks and losing a customer—or worse.”

Performing diagnostic scans doesn’t need to be a hassle. In fact, there are many tools on the market that make it quick and easy, including the X-431 Throttle from Launch Tech’s Pro Line Series.

Launch Tech USA

Launch Tech USA provides innovative and cost-effective solutions through its product line of automotive diagnostics that allow shops to perform accurate, fast, OEM-level diagnostic solutions.

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, Launch employs more than 300 R&D engineers who work to deliver innovative solutions for its customers’ needs. Launch has multiple test centers worldwide that ensure the highest level of vehicle coverage available.


X-431 Throttle

The X-431 Throttle is a groundbreaking scan tool from Launch Tech’s Pro Line Series.

Technicians and instructors helped develop the X-431 Throttle, which has made it one of the most user-friendly scan tools on the market.

“The Throttle is one of the easiest to use professional scan tools in the industry,” Tang says.

The Throttle, which is based on the Android 7.1, features a unique intelligent VIN Acquisition and Decoding feature that allows vehicle access in seconds.

“The VIN can be read in seconds and the year, make and model can be identified without any user interaction,” Tang says.

The Throttle is a high-end open Android 7.1-based automotive diagnostic tool that supports dual band WiFi (2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz) communication. It features extensive coverage on most vehicle models with robust diagnostic capabilities, accurate detection data and more. It houses two-hour quick charge technology and will support realtime ADAS service updates and notices from Launch Tech USA. Its 13-megapixel rear camera is perfect for capturing every repair and the hi-res display makes it easy to see the smallest details. The Throttle comes equipped with a charging station and one OBD kit from Launch Tech USA.

“Being an open Android system, you can run your printer apps, email, internet services or other services, like checking the weather or playing games,” Tang says.

The Throttle supports frequently used special functions, such as:

  • Service light reset

  • Throttle adaptation

  • Steering angle reset

  • Brake PAD reset

  • Tire pressure reset

  • Anti-theft matching

  • ABS bleeding

  • Battery matching

  • Gear learning

  • Injector coding

  • DPF regeneration

It also supports remote diagnosis, meaning a technician could (hypothetically) diagnose a vehicle thousands of miles away.

“Not only that, but with the Throttle, vehicle health reports for pre- and post-repair scans can be printed, which helps you get paid for your work,” Tang says.


If you run into any questions or problems with your diagnostic equipment, Launch Tech USA provides a number of different support options on its website. Along with contact information for people to reach out to for support, the website also has a number of different downloads, a community forum, and contact information for people. All of this information works together to make sure that users are getting the most out of their diagnostic tools.

“At Launch Tech, it’s important that our customers are taken care of,” Tang says. “If our customers have a question, they have a number of different outlets. Whether it’s a technical question that can be answered by our online form or a broader question answered by a fellow shop owner on the forum, we make sure our customers have all of the support that they need.”

To see how the Throttle X-431 can bolster your business, visit launchtechusa.com/x-431-throttle/#!.



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