Bringing a wheel-less vehicle into the shop is difficult without the right dolly system. Due to a vehicle’s weight, moving even the exterior-shell of a vehicle without proper tools can scuff shop floors or even damage concrete outside of the shop.

In an effort to avoid property damage for shops, DJS Fabrications offers the Universal Dolly, a product that provides shop owners with a safe, durable and mobile unit. The Universal Dolly is accompanied by the Mobile Dolly station, which is the rack that holds the dollies, offering a wheel transportation system that works in every situation. 

When a customer purchases the product, not only are they investing in a mobile device that can hold up to 4,000 pounds, but they additionally receive both a rocker and a hub adapter that can attach to undriveable vehicles, as well.

Three collision shop owners discuss their experiences using DJS Fabrications Dolly Systems and how the mobilizational tool has become an everyday necessity in the shop.

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Purchasing a dolly system should not be a regular occurrence at your shop. When bringing in a new product to utilize on your shop floors, the new tool should be reliable and be able to withstand potential damage. 

For Scott Hillery, owner of Auto Park Collision in California, buying a product only to have it fail became an occurrence in his shop. 

“That’s really the thing: our industry is selling this stuff all of the time,” Hillery says. “We buy [a dolly system] with high hopes and quite often it ends up in the corner.”

Hillery was referred to DJS when the shop was in the market for a mobile parts cart. After bringing the mobile dolly system into the shop, he was impressed.

“It was just so much better than what was out there,” Hillery says. “The wheels could go over the rough surfaces, they were durable, well-made, and the service is right there.

“The stuff that I have is being used every day; it’s always going to work and that’s what keeps me loyal.” 

Much like Hillery, the strength of the dolly systems stood out to John Speckmann of AutoNation. 

Speckmann says other dollies often can’t handle the weight of a structure and are difficult to move to a specific area in the shop. According to Speckmann, DJS’ Dolly Systems can comfortably fit in areas that are confined with space.

“You can beat on this equipment and it stays solid,” says John Speckmann of Auto Nation. “They’re well structured, well built, and not like any other company that uses substandard steel.”


Being able to utilize a product for more than one purpose can help save on cost, as well as free up space on your shop floor. DJS Fabrications customers have found that the mobile unit can safely maneuver more than just the frame of a car from one space to another. 

David Miller, owner of US Automotive Restoration, was working alongside DJS Fabrications on a television project when his business decided to purchase a dolly system made by the company.

“We were so blown away that we immediately bought more,” Miller says.

According to Miller, the dolly systems have been utilized for more than one purpose in his business. 

“The dollies are so good because they have different mounts, so if your car doesn’t have wheels and tires, they’ve got a cradle that you can grab the front rail and mount that,” Miller says. 

The success and mobility of the Dolly System has increased the efficiency of not only moving a vehicle, but also effectively moving large parts around the shop, Miller says.

“We decided to take it a step further,” Miller says. “What we used to do is buy dummy wheels and tires, do the metal body paint and at the end we’d put the high-dollar tires on.

“Now we’re building the car, putting it on the suspension and using the wheel stead mounts to just mount the car without wheels and tires, saving the money from the dummy wheels and tires, and rolling the car for the whole process.”


It’s important to invest in a product that is made by a company that supports their customer base. DJS Fabrications’ strong customer assistance has offered customers assistance on the fly and continues to maintain its reliable reputation among those who use their product. 

Hillery found DJS when his shop was looking for a parts rack, he says, and to his surprise, the company was local.

“We struck up a relationship and we were new, and he was fairly new and we were just two guys trying to make it work and it clicked,” Hillery says. “They would deliver the product down to us and that’s how it started with them.” 

For Speckmann, the company’s commitment to assisting customers has been remarkable. 

“In my world, being in the business for 30 years—a lot of it comes down to customer service and commitment [to the customer],” Speckmann says. “I’ve followed them for years.”


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