The Total Automotive Sanding System powered by Festool Automotive Systems is designed to meet the needs of every technician no matter their specialty—body repair, paint prep and even detailing. Completely customizable, it lets owners and technicians choose the tools and accessories they need to build the perfect system. Collision shop work conditions can spiral out of control quickly, and maintaining a cleaner, more organized workplace yields happier technicians.   

3M, the world leader in automotive abrasives, partners with Festool Automotive Systems to produce the Total Automotive Sanding System.  

“Bringing these companies together created a powerful system,” says Branden Loesch, Application Engineering Specialist at 3M, “and our customers enjoy the best performance from the best tools and abrasives on the market.” 



The Power of Collaboration 

The Total Automotive Sanding System is powered by industry-leading 3M™ Cubitron™ II abrasives. It is offered in five base configurations, two pneumatic and three electric systems, with endless customization options. The combination of the industry’s best abrasives, Festool tools, and dust extraction delivers a system which increases safety, eases the workload, and builds revenue.  

“No other abrasives deliver the performance and value of 3M™ Cubitron™ II,” Loesch says. 

3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives are built with patented precision-shaped triangular grains that deliver exceptional cut and life. They cut at least 30 percent faster than competing premium abrasives and last at least 30 percent longer. 

“Combining the Cubitron™ II with Festool technology lets the disc perform at its full potential,” Loesch explains. “All the dust is sucked through the tool, helping the abrasives run cooler and reducing loading on the abrasive face.” 

The tools also have a pad brake which quickly stops the tool when it is not in use. This can reduce sanding errors when setting down the machine after use—avoiding rework and additional costs. It also protects the user. The dust extractor was designed without the traditional “shop vac” cylindrical canister that improves the overall dust capacity, reducing weight and increasing mobility for a smoother, more efficient refinish process, all while capturing the maximum amount of dust without having to constantly change filters.


Increase Safety & Profitability 

“It’s important for owners to think about how quickly shop technology is advancing,” Loesch says. 

“Repairs are becoming more complex. Technician training is more important and expensive—and with a shortage of skilled labor—it’s more crucial than ever for shops to keep technicians. This system is a great way to do that. If owners aren’t thinking about retention, they’ll lose their workforce. Most technicians would prefer not to be sweeping up dust all day.” 

It’s estimated that by 2026, the skilled labor shortage in collision repair will top 50,000. A tool that promotes profitability and time efficiency is an incentive to keep talented technicians where they belong—in the shop doing good work. If you want to stand out from your competition, a clean, safe and efficient solution like the Total Automotive Sanding System is a great place to start.  

The Total Automotive Sanding system includes a comprehensive warranty and repair package, including Warranty All-Inclusive with a three-year warranty, 48-hour standard repair, 10-year parts availability and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

“Shops have faith that we’re there for them and that we’ll deliver,” Loesch says, “and this tool does exactly that. It will boost revenue, increase health and safety conditions and enable technicians to work swiftly and confidently.” 

For maximum profitability, less cleaning and improved health and safety precautions, trust 3M and the Total Automotive Sanding System. To learn more and request a demonstration, check out

For the full Festool catalog, please click here. For the Festool system brochure, please click here, and for the 3M™ Cubitron™ II Part Number sheet, please click here.