In the auto body world, small mishaps can create large-scale problems if a repair isn’t done correctly the first time. That’s why preparation beforehand and completing a proper blueprint is essential. There are components that can help make a repair successful, such as selecting the right measuring tool for the repair.

One of the most popular devices used is the PointX Diagnostic Measuring System, a handheld measuring tool made out of lightweight, carbon fiber. With the ability to check frame measuring points, utilizing Bluetooth communication, as well as the Car-O-Liner Vision2 PointX Software for diagnostics and blueprinting, the product is able to provide estimators and technicians with quick and accurate diagnostic measurements.

Importance of Measuring

As vehicle dimensions have become less forgiving, it’s more important than ever to validate the proper repair process and exercise precision during the repair. 

Accurate measuring and the ability to verify is going to be a benefit in assessing and reassembling the vehicle.

Utilizing the PointX for pre-measuring, along with the Car-O-Tronic Vision2 measuring system and Bench system, your repair process can be accurate, efficient and OEM approved, according to Car-O-Liner. Together, the two systems provide the highest quality diagnosis of blueprinting and measuring for accurate repair, delivering the results customers expect.


An Accessible Offering

The product provides additional space for technicians while they work on a repair.  When Car-O-Liner’s measuring system is brought into a shop, technicians will feel comfortable when using the product.

Technicians are able to stand next to the vehicle during structural repair.  The vehicle can be raised up and still be accessible, offering a higher efficiency and comfort when standing.

There are additional anchoring benefits, providing the flexibility to position the pulling tower wherever it’s needed.  It also supports other products Car-O-Liner offers. It really changes the appearance and work flow of the shop.

Thorough Training

When a customer invests in the PointX product, they have the opportunity to utilize training methods that are made available by Car-O-Liner. The first form includes the initial training, which is provided following the shop’s investment in the product.  

Once technicians become familiar with the product, Car-O-Liner offers more advanced training

Continual Resources

Car-O-Liner’s drive to assist customers and ensure that all questions are answered does not simply halt once training is over. Ongoing customer support is part of what makes the company stand out among others.

Additionally, Car-O-Liner has a robust system of resources.  A strong network of distributors across the US and Canada who are always available along with an experienced corporate staff.





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