When it comes to quality paint finishes, SATA sets the standard for the industry. The refined, retooled and revitalized SATA painting system does just that, starting with the SATA Rapid Preparation System (RPS) multipurpose cups.

The SATA RPS cups have a unique venting system that plays into the efficiency of the overall SATA system. The vents allow for an even flow rate through the cup—so, whether the cup is entirely full, half full, or just has a couple ounces in it, the flow rate will stay the same.

“It guarantees an even color match and film build throughout the paint job,” says SATA Dan-Am Co. Director of Sales and Marketing Tony Larimer. “What that means for a shop is that, if a painter is mixing material, he might only need two ounces. He can mix just what he needs, get the same results and you don’t have the extra material that will go to waste.

“You mix 100 percent of what you need, and 100 percent will come out of the spray gun.”

Larimer says that SATA was the first company to develop the “Original” multipurpose cup with a “true vented system,” which works similarly to the company’s original gravity-feed cups that have been used in shops since 1925. Regarding RPS cups, “As known from our proven gravity flow cup principle, in use for several years, at any given point in time we have a constant material flow, our fan pattern stays constant, therefore maintaining constant, perfect color match,” Larimer says.

The cups can be used for mixing, spraying and, when the job is complete, storage. For SATA spray gun users there’s no need to buy additional mixing cups or cans—and the cups require no adapters. They mount directly to SATA spray guns.

Each case of SATA RPS includes the cups, strainers of your choice and lids. No additional accessories are needed. Each time you use a new RPS cup, you have a clean sterile cup that does not deliver accidental contamination from previous jobs into your paint work.

RPS_new threaded design.png

RPS Cup Benefits

  • Bendable: The RPS cups also have the built-in flexibility of the cup lid “neck” which allows painters to tilt the cups forward or side to side to spray at many different angles, on parts, rocker panels, and bumper covers. This flexibility assists in making the RPS a great solution for more difficult paint jobs. Excluding the 0.3 L minijet version.

  • Clean: With SATA RPS, removing the cup from the spray gun becomes a clean and safe process. When the paint job is finished, squeeze the RPS cup and close the vent cap to create a vacuum inside. Now turn the spray gun upside down and pull the trigger to empty the material passage ensuring easy gun cleaning and a tidy workplace.

  • Safe: Occasionally during the paint process the material cup may accidentally knock into the vehicle or panel stand. Due to the robust threaded connection between the cup and the lid, any chance of the cup becoming detached is avoided, as is the chance to spill paint.

  • Refillable: Refilling paint during the application process is sometimes necessary. The design of the cup allows the simple and clean topping off and the easy exchange of the material filter, if required.

SATA also has a version of the SATA RPS cups for UV coatings. The cup, lid and vent caps are completely black, not allowing light to cause the product to react in the cup. Painters or body techs who prime or paint using UV coatings can leave this in the cup all day, without having to mix small amounts throughout the day. You can get the UV version SATA RPS cups in the 0.6 liter size, and these can be used in all SATA guns from the SATAminijet 4400 B HVLP or RP, the SATAjet 100 BF HVLP or RP, or any of our topcoat versions that utilize QCC cups, from the SATAjet 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 1500 B SoLV and the latest SATAjet X 5500.

“When used together with SATA guns, you can combine all the areas in which you’re saving on materials—the shorter fluid passage inside the SATA guns, no threads for a smooth easier-to-clean fluid passage, the better atomization of the spray—the cups allow you to mix and spray the correct amount of material. The entire system will save your shop money and make you more profitable,” Larimer says. “There’s less cleaning, less waste, and less time spent doing things other than spraying. It’s about efficiency, function and profitability.”



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